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Iyengar Yoga
Many people don't realise that a necessary part of the recovery and healing process is rehabilitation exercise. Yes we don't all enjoy it! But it needs to be done. Here at the clinic when necessary you may be referred to one of our awesome exercise physiologists. This is important to identify postural and movement issues and correct them quickly.
We have a well equipped gym/studio on site and also access to a state of the art facility off site when needed at ! Million Strong Gym, Mount Louisa.  We love staying up to date with technology so we also use an app based program that we can monitor what you are doing outside the clinic re your exercise homework!!
Our therapists create individually prescribed exercise program specific to each client's needs. Most exercises can be practiced at home, so we try to keep it simple by using very basic equipment such as foam rollers or trigger point balls, body weight and resistance band exercises. 

Check out pictures of our state of the art rehab gym and our onsite rehab studio. 

We use an interactive exercise system that you download as an app. The app has videos of the exercises we have prescribed. You can also communicate with the clinic using this app!!! It also tells us if you are doing your exercises!!! We know when you cheat!!!! This really encourages accountability and has a huge positive affect on outcomes.

We can also monitor your progress with exercises using our aXIT system!!! This measures the strength and improvement in performance scientifically. 


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