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We are very excited to introduce the LASER POD technology, which was invented by NASA. Where it was discovered with many positive medical benefits. Just 15 minutes - warm and relaxing making you feel great. 


  • Anti-aging

  • Reduce pain

  • Weight loss

  • Improved memory

  • Increased energy

  • Improved sleep

  • Helps with skin conditions

  • Faster recovery post surgery 


Both Infared and near red light are emitted from the Pod. This light is readily absorbed by your cells.


The cells use the light and convert it to energy that they can use to repair and restore demaged cells. Your cells receive a energy post from the Pod, this supplies the body withy excess energy that can be diverted to other areas in the body. This the reduces inflammation, pain and helps the body regenerate. Resulting in an improved feeling of wellbeing!

Quick 15 Minute Sessions! We recommend a minimum of 10 sessions. Payments plans, Afterpay and Zippay available!

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Hand Held Medical Laser Therapy

Here at No Boundaries Health, we use a variety of technologies to assist and excel the results for our patients. In the clinic we use a mobile 3B Medical Laser. We are always looking for new opportunities to enhance outcomes for our patients, as keeping up to date with the industries latest technology and research allows us to provide the best quality service for our patients.   

At our clinic we use a 3B medical LASER system when it is indicated, to improve recovery times and reduce pain. The best thing about laser therapy is that it's completely pain-free!

Laser therapy involves pressing a probe against the skin over damaged muscles, ligament or tendon. The laser beams of light and energy stimulate cell growth, regeneration and repair, which results in improved healing time. 

The LASER system is very versatile, basically it makes your body work better. Therefore it has a great deal of applications. Over the last 20 years nearly 4,000 professional research papers have been written about the efficiency of 3B medical lasers. Having used this technology at the clinic for several years we have been amazed at some of the results. Typically we use it for;

  1. Reducing pain

  2. Increasing range of movement 

  3. Increasing function

  4. Wounds such as diabetic ulcers and burns. 

Check out the images below. Seeing is believing. The results are after a few very short treatments with LASER Therapy. 

AxIT Assessment Machine 

Why guess when you can assess?

Using the AxIT Assessment Machine we measure every muscle and every movement in the body to create a unique plan for you to help achieve your special goals!

Are you loading evenly when squatting? Do you favour one side? 

Interested in developing your explosive power? 

Assess your strength/power for every movement and muscle group!

Call us to find out more or to book your appointment today.

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