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Exercise Right for Active Ageing is a national program designed for Australians over 65. With funding from the Australian Government's Move it AUS - Better Ageing Grants Program subsides 12 group exercise classes.

The program aims to help you:

  • move more through affordable exercise classes led by university qualified professionals

  • Improve your quality of life and overall health

  • Connect with like minded people in a fun and friendly setting

Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists provides safe, supportive and age appropriate classes that are tailored to your needs and abilities.


the program is open to inactive older Australians aged over 65. Indigenous Australians whoa re over 55 can also enroll in the program. You must complete a pre-screening assessment prior to commencing the classes. Conducted at our Boundary Street clinic.

What's included?

Each participant is eligible for:

  • 1 x pre-exercise screening

  • 1 x pre-assessment

  • 12 x 1-hour group classes

  • 1 x free post-assessment 

How much does it cost?

to access the government subsidies the following co-payments are required:

  • $8.00 for each one hour group class

  • $5.50 for pre-assessment session (one-off)

Your final assessment is provided free of charge. 

Who runs the classes?

Every session will be run by a university qualified Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP). The classes are delivered at 1 Million Strong - 749 Woolcock St, Mt Louisa. 


Can anyone access the discounted classses?

- No. These subsided classes are only available to Australians aged over 65 who are currently not meeting the physical activity guideline of 30minutes of exercise/day.

What is a pre-screening?

- an exercise screening is just a short questionnaire to determine if it's safe for you to exercise. If there are any red flags, you will be refereed to a GP before starting exercise.

What happens at the assessment?

- the assessment involved five low-intensity tests and a physical activity questionnaire conducted before and after the program. This assessment only takes a few minutes.

What happens when I finished the 12 classes?

- you are eligible for a free post-assessment. You may continue in the same class as a full fee-paying participant.

What if I can't make it to a class one week?

If you're unable to make a class, please let us know and we will reschedule your appointment. 

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