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Rhein Frank (Head EP)
Ba. Sports Exercise Science
Ba. Exercise Physiology
Accredited Sports Nutritionist

Dry Needling - Certified


My name is Rhein (pronounced Ryan - it’s German for Rhine valley) Frank.
Most people call me Franky, but I run with anything. I have always had a passion grounded in health, nutrition and performance training since I was very young.

It’s safe to say I was a footy “jock”, however this stemmed my passion into learning more about health and fitness and how the body moves and grooves the way it does. My first few years out of school was spent playing for the Cowboys under 20s team whilst beginning my dual degree for Sports & Exercise Science & Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology at JCU. Being coached under the likes of Ash Graham and Paul Bowman who both where sports scientists / exercise physiologists respectively and this certainly pushed my passion down the science-based route.

Fast forward to now, I have left rugby league to pursue bodybuilding and more academia. I graduated from JCU and now continue my honours research into the effects of food on self-report health measures of people with osteoarthritis.

My main interests / area of expertise would be with musculoskeletal & cardiovascular conditions and I also have an interest in mental health and how exercise and a good routine can do wonders for both a healthy mind and body. A quote I love “as the body moves the brain grooves”.

My style of practice is very multifactorial, I am accredited as a Sports Scientist, Exercise Physiologist and Sports Nutritionist and look keenly into supplementation and sleep for a whole client centred approach to getting results.

But please don’t let appearances deceive you, I am an open book, always happy for a chat and laugh and cannot wait to meet you.

Shaun Mealy

Ba. Sports Exercise Science

Ba. Exercise Physiology

Dry Needling - Certified

Certificate 4 and 3 In Fitness

Level 1 and Advanced Boxing Courses 

Senior First Aid and CPR 

Mental Health First Aid 

Working with children "Blue" Card 

NDIS Screener "Yellow" Card 


My name is Shaun, I am an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who studied a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science at Central Queensland University and a Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology at Charles Sturt University.

I developed a passion for health and fitness from a young age, playing Australian Rules Football and from my career in the Royal Australian Airforce. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my two young children, swimming and Jet-skiing.


I have a keen interest in Neurological Disorders, Musculoskeletal and Cardiovascular Conditions. My focus is to improve client mobility and movement patterns through sound exercise techniques.

Samantha Beringen

Ba Sports & Exercise Science

Masters of Exercise Physiology (Clinical)

First Aid/CPR

Cert III Fitness

Mental Health First Aid


Growing up in Adelaide, I was a very active child who enjoyed participating in numerous sports. This included netball, swimming, surf lifesaving and AFL. This background helped develop a passion for sports science and human movement. I moved to Townsville, where I completed high school studies.


After high school, I worked for three cardiologists undertaking cardiac testing, which lead to an interest in Exercise Physiology. I then completed a three-year undergraduate degree in Sports Science, continuing to complete my master’s degree in Exercise Physiology at James Cook University in 2022. 


I am passionate about utilising exercise as medicine and applying exercise interventions to prevent or manage chronic illness or injury. My mission is to help individuals regain their optimum level of health, fitness, or physical function. My highest priority is to work with individuals to work towards their goals in a safe and positive environment. My strongest belief is providing evidence-based exercise interventions to support physical and mental wellbeing. My favourite interests include working with musculoskeletal, metabolic, and neurological conditions. 


Outside of work I enjoy keeping active, going to the gym, and lifting weights and participating in HIIT training, yoga and Pilates. 

Renee Briggs

Ba Sports & Exercise Science

Masters of Exercise Physiology (Clinical)

First Aid/CPR

Cert III & IV

Advanced Strapping & Taping

Mental Health First Aid


I am an Exercise Physiologist here at No Boundaries Health. I completed my undergraduate Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science and Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology here at James Cook University, Townsville in 2022. Since then I have been working with a lot of veterans in chronic injury and pain management. I have a special interest in cardiac rehabilitation and helping people understand and thrive with their conditions. In the future I hope to continue my studies in cardiac electrophysiology. 


My philosophy, “Exercise is medicine” and there is always a way to work with your injuries/conditions, not against them. I love helping people find what works for them. 


My interest in Exercise Physiology came from being a competitive gymnast when I was younger. Following an injury I transitioned to coaching and found an interest in the human body. I love being able to connect with my clients and help them achieve their goals in and out of the gym. 


In my spare time I love to train in the gym and have copious amounts of caffeine. I have also worked in a supplement store for the last 3 years so I have knowledge surrounding supplementation and programming. 

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