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The Recovery Room

Our team service a vast range of clients with very complex conditions and limitations. Although they all have one thing in common - the need to RECOVER properly & we have the tools to help.

The Recovery Room is designed to use equipment that help the body heal & transform. Unlike most clinics we offer the Recovery Room at a very affordable price for only $20 per week. HELLO-FITT memberships are also accepted for the Recovery Room.

You will have access to:

- Ice Baths

- Infrared Sauna

- Massage Chairs

- Infrared/Red light Laser Pod

- Sound Therapy

All equipment is designed to both aid recovery as well as provide a relaxing space for any and all who need it.

You are not locked in to any contracts and have the flexibility of accessing the Recovery Room for 12 hours a day from 7am-7pm Monday - Friday & 7am-1pm on Saturdays.

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