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Camilla had lost weight and just felt her skin has become saggy which she wasn't happy about. Camilla has one treatment. 


This patient was feeling older than she felt. She wanted to look a bit fresher. You are see a great difference in the texture and brightness of her complexion. 

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Ashley wanted her skin a bit firmer around the tummy area. We treated her using the skin lifting application. This was another great result. 

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Valerie wanted to reduce her wrinkles and reduce her saggy neck line. You can see from the photos how much better the next and how much younger the skin looks.  


HIPRO V is the latest HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) technology non surgical face lift. The machine uses micro focused energy. There are only a handful of these types of machines in the country!!!

HIPRO V is capable of doing several things depending on the settings chosen. Its two main functions are 

1. Stimulate the production of collagen

2. Reduce fat cell numbers

The benefit of this is that we can actually sculpt areas, especially areas that are very stubborn. 

HIPRO V facial lift is the most popular treatment. It involves putting a probe on the skin that uses concentrated ultrasound waves to penetrate the deeper layers of skin. Essentially these waves irritate your existing collagen and as a result of this the body detects the damage and tells your skin cells to make more collagen.   Treatments target deep into the dermis and foundation muscle layers of the skin, working at the same depths as a surgical face lift. 

In a full treatment we deliver a focused ultrasonic energy into the skin. Each micro shot stimulates the body's own natural response, tightening muscle and creating a new matrix of collagen that gently lifts the skin, improving the tone of all facial features. This lifting treatment can be used on the face and different body parts. This type of treatment may take multiple treatments to see the best results, however most patients do see results after the first treatment.  

The results depend on how quickly your body replaced the damaged collagen. In general the younger you are the faster the collagen is replaced. You can enhance collagen production with good supplementation and good lifestyle choices.


 Our procedure for performing a HIPRO V treatment firstly involves a consultation. This is an important step. This allows us to understand your concerns and what you would like help with. This way we can discuss realistic outcomes. We are very honest with you. We can't make you look fifty years younger!!! Also some medications interfere with results as do some medical conditions. Your therapist will tell you what to expect on the day of the procedure. 

On the day of the procedure you will be asked to lie down on a treatment table. Your therapist will mark your face with a special pencil to make sure we are as accurate a possible. Ultrasound gel will be placed on your face. This is to help the concentrated ultrasound waves to penetrate the tissues better. 

The procedure takes from between thirty minutes to an hour. It is not painful, patients usually describe it as unpleasant. We can stop at any time or turn down the settings. So don't worry about lying here is pain. This is simply not the case. 

Once the procedure is finished your therapist will go over everything with you and any aftercare. Your therapist will call you within 48 hours to see how you feel and if you have any issues. We usually will rebook you a month later to check your progress. 

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HIPRO V1.png
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