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Osteopath at Work
Pain is a warning signal the body gives you when something isn't right. It is the job of the osteopath to investigate the cause of your pain through examination, medical tests, and case history taking. Understanding the cause of pain is very important when working on a plan for long term pain relief. It often involves the patient having to do stretching or exercises or having some lifestyle changes to become pain-free. 
The type of treatment will depend on the type of injury. But usually, our treatments involve a combination of some or all of the following; soft tissue techniques, stretching, articulation, manipulation, dry needling or laser therapy. 
Osteopaths treat all sorts of issues in all age ranges from babies to the elderly. Some of the issues you may see us for are; 
  • Neck pain, upper back pain, lower back pain
  • Hip pain, foot pain, ankle pain
  • Headaches, jaw pain, tinnitus
  • Disc issues, sciatica, sacro-illiac joint issues 
  • Posture issues, scoliosis
  • Wrist pain, tennis elbow
  • Knee pain, groin pain, hamstring pain
  • Sports injuries, arthritis
  • Rib pain, shoulder pain
  • Chronic pain, acute pain
Dry needling is applied in a similar manner to acupuncture, but there are some differences. With dry needling, the needle is placed in the area where the pain or dysfunction is. Usually, it will be in an area where there are trigger points which is a concentrated area of muscle tightness.  The needle, when inserted, helps diffuse the muscle tightness and return the tissues to better function and less pain. Generally dry needling is pain-free. All of our osteopaths and manual therapists are qualified to dry needle. It is a wonderful technique when applied well, and can really decrease the tension in muscles very quickly. 

Wondering what an osteopath actually does?

Here is a short clip to show you what a standard treatment looks like! 

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