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Our collagen rejuvenation therapy consists of using a variety of products and technology that enhances, protects and rejuvenates collagen. Collagen forms the infrastructure of the skin. As you get older collagen becomes finer and more fragile and the rate of replacing it reduces. This means the skin becomes saggy and baggy!!! Or in other words makes you look older!!! 

Lets be honest no one wants to look old!!! Also lets be honest women age a lot less gracefully than men!!! This is what inspired us to create a skin rejuvenation clinic. 

As we deal with both men and women and various age groups we personalise your treatment completely based on what you want the outcome to be and what we feel is actually achievable. We have built a great reputation based on being direct and honest with patients. So be prepared. We will not tell you we can turn the clock backwards twenty years. These treatments can definitely make you look younger and delay aging but you cant stop aging!!! 

Some of the technology we use is 3B Medical LASER.

We use a combination of different LASER wavelengths in order to achieved the desired affect. Our LASERs are medical grade can can only be used by appropriately trained individuals. We use a combination of infra red and red light LASERS. This treatment is pain free and patients will often say how relaxing it is. These LASERS can do a variety of things depending on the settings that are used. 

3B Medical Lasers 

  • Promote the production of collagen

  • Regenerate scar tissue to heal

  • Heal acne scarring

  • Even out skin tone

  • Brighten the skin tone

  • Decreases wrinkles and fine lines

  • Works on face and body parts

HiPro V Machine

This machine works on the principles of ultrasound technology. Ultrasound waves are concentrated and applied to the skin. This damages your already existing collagen. This results in the body detecting the damaged collagen which results in new collagen being laid down. HIPRO treatment is a little unpleasant but we work within your tolerance levels. 

  • Increases collagen production

  • Deduces scars and stretch marks

  • Delays the affects of aging

  • Lifts and tones saggy and baggy skin

  • Deceases wrinkles and fine lines

  • Works on face and body parts

Nutritional therapy

Collagen supplements

Upper body photoshoot
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